Real Estate services

One of the oldest industry known to mankind is least develop when it comes IT solutions to manage complex and dynamic day to day activities. Till date, most of the corporates and and small scale builder/developer relay on site management using traditional ways. These problems are compounded with the challenges like labor, an uncertain economic environment, tighter regulations, increased competition and higher costs due to a rapidly changing construction material and technology landscape.

With the rich experience in real estate and Infrastructure industry and its supporting services, we are in partnership with our esteem client to improve overall landscape by state of art of IT and management products and thus benefit from the reduced costs while improving safety, quality, efficiency and project lead time are achieved. Some of the products and services we have offered are:

Examples of solutions we have delivered for our clients include:

  • Common platform of interaction between Client, Contractor, sub-contractors,
             vendors and end users etc
  • Customized solution for site management including various functions
  • Market research for various parameters affecting real estate and infrastructures
             project development
  • Integrated IT solution for various work site for easy management of site activities