Travel & Hospitality

While airlines and hotels grapple with the shift toward more direct interaction with consumers, independent of travel agents, they also need to balance an increased demand for offer personalization and a transition to online customer contact channels.
Vindplex Software improves personalized guest engagement by offering unified, multichannel service to hotels, airlines, and travel support businesses. Supporting the transition from phone contact to website booking, we enable a better guest experience, drives guest loyalty, and increases guest spend by offering travel and hospitality Omni channel service.

How we do it

  • A professional sales culture treats every interaction as an opportunity to increase
             bookings and revenue.
  • Analytics solutions track consumer behaviour and preferences, enabling more
             personalized messaging and customized offers.
  • Whether it's reserving hotel rooms, booking flights, responding to complaints, or
             managing loyalty programs, our multi-channel customer engagement solutions including
             voice, chat, email, social media, text, and website self-service drive an optimized
             customer experience.
  • Back office solutions including finance and accounting, fulfilment, and transaction
             tracking provide an integrated approach to customer servicing.
  • Technology solutions such as app development and systems integration ensure a seamless customer experience.
  • Proven strategies and experience increase website traffic through redesign and SEO improvements.
  • Proactive presentation of offers drives wallet share and loyalty.

The travel and hospitality sector continues to experience growth in different business markets, be it in restaurant services or the hotels segment. We provide services that focus on enhancing the customer experience and decrease operational costs thereby freeing you to focus on more customer-facing tasks.